The Butterfly Project

Since 2007, 60 Grade 6 children from six schools in the area have been chosen annually to be a part of The Butterfly Project.

This an intense 3 week programme held at Roselands Outdoor Centre. It focuses on 3 main areas

Week 1- Building self- esteem

All the activities this week are centered around personal growth. The children's very souls are nurtured. They are given the gift of unconditional love and plenty of undivided attention. Amid much laughter and song they are allowed to explore their strengths and develop the courage to be themselves and to overcome self- doubt.
Amongst other things they focus on:

  • Personal health, hygiene and safety
  • Dealing with trauma, loss and abuse
  • Developing values and a sense of self respect

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Week 2- Environmental awareness

Our hope is that children will develop a respect and love for their environment, which in turn will make them aware of their responsibility to conserve it. Many ‘hands on’ activities are included:

  • Visits to Tala Game Reserve, African Bird of Prey Sanctuary and the zoo
  • Workshops on birds, snakes, wetlands, pollution
  • Walks through indigenous bush
  • Nature studies
  • Clearing invasive weeds
  • River clean ups,
  • Permaculture, planting of trees and vegetables
  • Feedback on observations made through modeling with dough
  • Handling of the pets at Roselands
  • Soaking in the beautiful surroundings and feeling the peace of nature
  • Educational workshop by Fire-fighting team
  • Bushcamp experience

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Week 3- Leadership and Group Dynamics

This week is focused on developing team work and leadership skills. Each child is given an opportunity to lead others, communication is encouraged, responsibility rewarded. The importance of goal setting is stressed and the attributes of a good team player are reinforced continually!

Activities this week include:

  • The Amazing Race
  • Obstacle Course
  • Survival Mission
  • Orienteering
  • Mini Olympics
  • Abseiling
  • Paintball
  • School partnerships
  • Many more team challenges

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Throughout the Butterfly Project care is taken to ensure that all children understand the concepts discussed in both English and their home language.

The children are each given a journal, and are encouraged to express their thoughts. This provides a way to note their personal progress. Many a breakthrough has been seen from the writing of the children.

Counseling by qualified psychologists and social workers is available, monitoring by both Roselands and school staff is recorded. Much time and effort is put into building relationships based on trust with each child.

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Our aim is to equip these needy youngsters with life skills, a sense of self-worth and a passion for change within their communities.


The Butterfly Buddyz Club

Established in 2011, this is a monthly club held on a Saturday morning at one of the participating churches in Richmond Centre, It is expressly for the youngsters who have been through the Butterfly Project at Roselands.

The Vision –

To provide 

  • A safe nurturing environment where these teens can come for mentoring, advice and support
  • Skills training in relevant areas, e.g computers, sport, art, dance, baking, debating, sewing e.t.c
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth and an environment where they can form healthy relationships with other young Christians

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In recent years the Club has been split into catering for two age groups. On recognising the need to prepare the seniors for life after school, a Senior Buddyz Club for Gr 11 &12s now runs on a monthly basis. Topics such as: Applications for bursaries, job interview skills, Financial literacy, are covered.

Each senior who attends, is also loaned two study guides of their choice to assist them in achieving a higher standard in their exam results.

Leadership and accountability are encouraged and developed through a Leadership hike run for Gr 11 students who show potential, at the end of each year.

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Regular attendants are rewarded with a special celebration at the end of each year. This normally includes an event that is both life changing, in that it offers a huge learning opportunity, while at the same time being fun. Recent examples have been a visit to Ushaka Marine World and The Playhouse Theatre.

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Community Soccer Tournament

Roselands Trust has partnered with St Mary's Anglican church over the last few years to run a local school soccer tournament for U14s’. Soccer and netball coaching has been run alongside the tournament, catering for the girls and those who don’t make the school teams! Kit is sponsored by a group of caring individuals in Canada and lunch for all the teams is sponsored by the different churches in the area. As many as 14 teams take to the field to compete for the much sought after Floating trophy and medals supplied by the Department of Sports and Recreation.

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2016 Sponsors of the Trust

The Green Acre Remembrance Foundation
The Rayner Trust
Richmond Community Trust
DH Moosa Willowton Oil Foundation
St Charles
Scottys Small Plant Hire
Toe-It Trailer Hire
Blackwood Nurseries
Brian & Robyn Hull
Nida Jooste
St Johns DSG
Pelham Primary
Ashleigh Dawson
Blackwood Nurseries
Westville Senior Primary
Our Lady of Fatima
The Lords Caring Centre
Mike & Jenny Waterhouse

2015 Sponsors

National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund
Department of Sports and Recreation
The Nemit Trust
The Greenacre Remembrance Foundation
The Donaldson Trust
Cordwalles Preparatory School
Willowton Oil Foundation
St Charles Preparatory School
Epworth School
Penzance Primary

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We would be very grateful for any input you may have, whether it be in terms of items that could be used in activities, sporting equipment or clothing, or your time offered up in our skills training sessions, or of course a monetary contribution would be most welcome. Every little bit helps! Thanking you in advance!
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