Central to Roselands suitability as a venue is its diverse range of activities. These span from adventure based challenges, to hands on educational experiences and then of course, to exercises that feed the soul.


Safety first! All visitors wear life jackets and are encouraged to splash out and enjoy the adrenalin rush! Foofy sliding, boating, mud fights, high jumps and just simply “chilling” in the water!

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Bush camp

A night in the bush is a great experience for the older age groups, sleeping under the stars, waking up to the birds, preparing their own meals are all unique opportunities to grow.

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Obstacle course

Mud is a great leveler! This course is designed to give everybody an opportunity to help… it is not used competitively, but more as a way of building self-belief and team spirit!

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Scenic walks

Various lengths of walks are available depending on the groups capabilities or requirements, ranging from a gentle stroll to a wetland or our own “Gods window” to the 14 km hike to the Umkomaas river. Our most popular walk is to the Mkoveni waterfall, a 3km hike.

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Group dynamic exercises

Over the years we have built up a range of tasks that require dependency and good communication and interaction. Central to these activities is the counselling and feedback that takes place before and afterwards….our aim? To equip the group with “tools” to take home that will change their lives…


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Leadership development programmes

Groups are put through a course known as the “Reconn Mission” which takes them out of their comfort zones..character is built and leaders emerge. Tasks encompassing planning, goal setting and decision making are part of the programme. Reviewing and self-assessment help to consolidate lessons learnt.

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Environmental Education

Much of this takes place during the walks, but specific themes from the syllabi are also covered e.g food chains, habitats, water or insect studies, natural vs man made environments, plant identification.

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Bushman Culture

Paulus has worked at Roselands for over 10 years and is passionate about sharing his culture with the different groups, he makes rope, dances, keeps his audience spell bound with stories from the past, and ALWAYS produces a bit of pure magic when he rubs those sticks together to make fire!

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Farming Activities

Children get to milk cows, learn about bees, cash cropping, timber and kiwi farming. There are dogs, goats, geese and cows that wander around close by! For a lot of children this is a highlight…just to be on a farm…

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High schools use our venue specifically for hands on geography lessons! We have the privilege of living on the edge of the Umkomaas valley. Ortho and topographic maps of the area are used to identify different features. The possibilities are endless!

Rural settlements are often a topic of discussion, as they are very visible from our vantage point.

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Wilderness Trails

An extended programme for older groups is now an option, planned trails through the Umkomaas valley, parts of the Southern Berg and along the stunning Wild coast are on offer. Programmes will be based on the teachers needs but could include survival skills, team work, bonding and community work.

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Rock climbing wall

Additional R15/per learner. Great for over coming fears and encouragement. All ages.

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Optional extras

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  • Falconry
  • Bird capture
  • Snake Workshop
  • Talk on Drugs
  • Community work
  • Self defence

Visits to neighbouring areas include:

  • Byrne Valley – “Over There” Animal farm,
  • Little Tavistock  cottage industry
  • Richmond Museum
  • The Shed Poultry farm
  • Katope Packhouse
  • SAPPI nursery
  • African Bird of Prey Sactuary

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Experience the peace of God surrounded by the beauty of His creation.

Psalm 46.10 "Be still and know that I am God"