Roselands Outdoor Centre is aimed mainly at School groups. 
Some of the facilities and activities available at Roselands:
  • Dam Activities (Foofy sliding, canoeing, swimming, tubes and high jump): Designed to increase self confidence and self- belief. Build character, courage and trust.
  • Obstacle course: Encourages team spirit, sharing of strengths, co- operation, patience and understanding, commitment, and effective communication.
  • Mkoveni Waterfall Hike (4km): Learn to follow instructions, information on at least 3 invasive plants, dangers of invasive plants, appreciation of God’s creation, the importance and need to protect the environment, resilience, patience, endurance, individual and team strengths.
  • Recon Mission and the Amazing Race: Development of leadership skills, individual and team strengths, co- operation, listening skills, patience and understanding.
  • Bush Camp: Aim of bush camp is to increase resilience, independence, understanding, endurance, survival skills and leadership skills. Developing relations with fellow team mates.
  • Group Dynamics Activities (Gladiator walls, tyre challenge, go- carting): Creating a realization that we need each other, team strengths as well as effective communication.
  • Solitaire: Affording each camper the opportunity to record feelings, hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future, reflection on camp and one’s self.
  • Map work/Geography: Map work activities to increase Geographical knowledge in the ideal surroundings of the Umkomaas Valley and Orienteering using ortho photos.
  • Environmental Education: Wetlands study, Grasslands, habitat watch, bird capture and tree felling.

Experience the peace of God surrounded by the beauty of His creation.

Psalm 46.10 "Be still and know that I am God"